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FPSC Classic Scripts / Can we strip down Dark AI?

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Joined: 20th Jan 2019
Posted: 31st Mar 2020 13:51
Hi! I was thinking about Dark AI scripts, and why they are so heavy for our beloved technology
I think It's all too complicated. Look, I would never use most things that Dark AI has to offer, but engine must loop constantly through all that lines. So, here is my little reqest:
Maybe in next Black Ice Mod version could there be Dark AI but simplified?
Look, I want them bad guys (and allies too! ) to be relentless and fight till death None of that >If health is low then run away< crap ;p Also, most of the soldiers don't need to listen to the player - let's leave that option only for the choosen ones
To arrange some cute, small fight scene we need only 2 things - both teams just run at each other, and shoot at each other TILL THEY DIE I think that would be much less taxing for the engine, so maybe Black Ice Mod creators could think about it? I think its a shame that we have all that super-scripts, and they're almost never used, cuz they either too heavy and/or complicated. And on top of that, most of that fancy stuff like looking for covers, or retreating from fight is much too slow to actually be functional in a game.
Ok, so that all I want to share with you today
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Posted: 31st Mar 2020 18:36
@GHOST LOL :- Haven't you tried the black ice mod ai that is much faster and cleaner.

There is an example IN the black ice mod maps.

Also the basic DarkAi is less taxing then say maybe tf341.

DarkAi can be as heavy or not depending how you script them.

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Joined: 20th Jan 2019
Posted: 31st Mar 2020 20:22 Edited at: 31st Mar 2020 20:42
I know Dark AI from Black Ice Mod is better than old version of it, and I know that Tf341 scripts were the heaviest piece of technology FpsC engine has seen But none of that is actually answering my questions

I can record a quick test of different ai scripts and post it on YT if you want me to, but for now, I just try to describe my point the best i can
I compared classic chase script with Dark AI scripts from BlackIceMod. Same characters, same stats, same map. Here is what I've seen:

Chase is very simple, but working pretty good, and working every time with the same "consistency". Enemies are stupid as hell, but they are >running< at me no matter what. Its really hard to lose them once they see you - of course if there is a wall between you and them, they don't know what to do and just run at that wall - but that's not a big problem with good level design. In combat they are standing about 2-3 tiles (easy to regulate in the script itself) in front of me and >strafing side to side< the whole time, They are moving almost non-stop, and they are moving fast. And they are shooting at me in short bursts, so I'm not getting hit the whole time, and that's good - we don't want frustrating games with cheap deaths from one loong burst of fire from other side of map, right?
So, to sum it all up: constantly running around, chasing the player like there is no tomorrow and short bursts of fire - that's why they are fun to fight You see - it doesn't matter if they're stupid as hell, when they are still fun to play with

Dark AI from Black Ice Mod (main-weapon-blood.fpi) : Characters are >slowly walking around< and when they see me they stand still and go full auto on me with 100% accuracy - not fun, just cheap. They are very easy to loose, most of the time player have to wait til they decide if they want to fight or just take a long walk Again - nothing fun. Very often in the middle of the fight enemy (right after he was going full auto ) decides to just turn his back on me and walk away No strafing, and very little very slow movement. And, as i said before - instead of short bursts of fire they go full auto, while standing in one place. Often they have problems with walls BEHIND THEM! Yeah, that's right, enemy turning his back on me and trying to walk into a wall behind him - its even worse than wall problem in chase script.
To sum it up: here we got enemy, who is also stupid as hell, but not in funny way. Walking slowly, and sometimes blind and deaf, but when he sees you - he shooting all he got with 100% accuracy even from far far away, Very frustrating for the player.

You see what is my point? I really don't want to be rude or something, I'm really admiring your work. I'm just describing what i just saw If we cut all that unnecessary features, then maybe they would react quicker? Perfect scenario for me would be having 2 teams who behave like in that chase script - running at each other, shooting (in short brusts) and moving (strafing side to side is good, if he would also crouch from time to time it would be perfect)

I'm no scripter, so I can only imagine how much time and work it cost you to keep working on that AI But now most of that work is not usable in real game, because of what I just described above. Please just take that into consideration when you be planning some next update

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