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Work in Progress / Build Game Error \ Play game Error

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Joined: 11th Mar 2016
Posted: 5th Apr 2020 16:30
Hi guys. Well, I'm having a problem with FPS Creator. I use Black Ice Mod v. 10.8 and FPSC V. 1.20.017.

Well, many times I will build the game, it gives an error, showing the message that is attached below.

When I manage to build (rarely do I finish the construction) and I will play the game, always in the transition from one level to another it says that the FPSC-Game has stopped working.

I've tried everything:
- I reinstalled the FPSC
- I performed as adm.
- The levels when testing them, do not exceed 1500 mb
- I checked all the entities and segments that I used to see if they have no errors.
- I moved to version 10.6 of the Black Ice Mod.
- I hardly used lighting in games.
- I ran the FPSC Cleaner.
- Compatibility mode

When I built the game, I tried to put the following settings:
- Texture Size (2x)
- Lightmap: Best for Performance.
- No Shader Effects.
- No automatic floor.

I tried to use the minimum settings, like texture size (4x), No Lightmaps, No automatic Floor and No Shadder Effects. Sometimes it works, but the game looks very ugly and lifeless.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it gives an error. But when it works, when playing the game, it gives the error that I mentioned above.

My game contains 32 levels. I've tried to unite them to decrease the amount of levels to be played, however it exceeds the build limit. Even using the FPS Creator Setup as a tool to circumvent this limit, when playing, the game gives an error exactly at the level that it exceeded.

Can anyone help me with this?


. Windows 7 64bits
.Intel Celeron 3205U processor 1.50 gHz
. Intel HD Graphics
. 4 gb RAM

My game have 32 levels.

I appreciate the help!!!


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Joined: 11th Mar 2016
Posted: 6th Apr 2020 02:57
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Joined: 25th Feb 2008
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Posted: 2nd May 2020 19:39
I think it can crash because of deficit of RAM.4GB is not enough obviously.
Check Windows Task Manager to get how much free RAM do you have after Win7 load.Then check how much RAM will eat FPSC when compile.
And just buy another 4gb RAM module at least.
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Posted: 13th May 2020 04:33
You might get more responses by posting this in the FPS forums

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