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DarkBASIC Discussion / Textures With Holes

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Joined: 30th Mar 2017
Posted: 8th Apr 2020 15:51

I am still using darkbasic classic.

Problem is, on my newer laptop it doesn't show textures with holes properly, see attached picture.
I have tried different versions of d3drm.dll but no success, still same.
Specs of my laptop: i3 cpu 2ghz, 4gb ram, intel hd 520 gpu, windows7 x64 sp1.

It works good on my older laptop from 2008: core 2 duo cpu 2ghz, 2gb ram, mobility radeon hd 2400 xt gpu, windows7 x32.

What can be done?


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Joined: 23rd Jul 2006
Posted: 31st May 2020 21:35 Edited at: 31st May 2020 23:01

There is a transparency issue with newer model computers and windows os. The link below addresses it directly.

Basically, the way to approach it is to have layered objects with transparency and opposite alpha blending. So you make two of the same object. Texture them the same and put them into the exact same position. You set transparency on for both objects. Then:

ghost object on 1
ghost object on 2,1

Now, for object 1, to make sure the alpha blending is not still semi transparent, use SET OBJECT AMBIENT to increase the objects ambient lighting until the solid parts are solid.

Below is a snippet that shows the basics of it. Also note that I set the culling of the plane to off so that both sides of the plane can be seen from different camera angles and also different rotation angles of the object

Enjoy your day.

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