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Android / Crash if I include AdMob AppID in export

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Joined: 7th Sep 2017
Posted: 21st Apr 2020 19:55
I'm having a frustrating time getting ads to work. Things are fine with the AppGameKit player, but if I export my game as an APK, and include my AdMob App ID, the game crashes.
I even tried the simplest of projects, just the default fps printing on a black screen when you do "new project".
If I use the App ID, it crashes. If I take it out, it runs.
I've had an admob account for a week or two now, and my app and ad IDs are approved and ready.
Are there extra permissions I need to set on the export screen?
The only thing I see in logs on the device is "access denied finding property "vendor.gralloc.disable_ahardware_buffer"", which I'm not sure how that's related.
This is with the latest AppGameKit classic from Dec 2019.

Any help would be appreciated.

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