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FPSC Classic Models and Media / How do I get VRoid models into X or FBX?

FPSC Reloaded TGC Backer
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Joined: 17th Apr 2007
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Posted: 28th Apr 2020 05:36

there is that anime character designer program VRoid but it exports in a strange format. I found out, that it is something 7zip could extract and it contains JSON files and PNG textures.
Does anyone knows about a good converter?

Would be nice, to be able to use VRoid figures also in FPSC. Thanks.
TMoney Moterbike Dude
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Posted: 20th Jul 2020 02:42
Not sure how to model myself but the best I can think is if you can try Fragmotion. If you can open it in there, you can export it as .X
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