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Dark GDK / How to install DarkGDK and build engine

Alex UNGSoft
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Joined: 23rd Apr 2006
Posted: 3rd May 2020 18:53

Tried to use DarkGDK from this thread:
The help file says I need gdkengine.dll, the documentation doesn't explain how to build one, and it is not supplied with the installation. The applicationdata folder also doesn't contain any dlls, only some src files.
Then found 3 bat-scripts in the folder.

Tried to launch them, the message was:

I'm using the license specified in the thread:

What am I doing wrong, please advise how to fix the error.

And what scripts should I run, what is the difference between them?
compile engine with plugins.bat
compile engine.bat
compile headers.bat

Thanks anyone who can answer.
The Tall Man
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Posted: 11th May 2020 22:40
That's DarkGDK 2.0, which is different from DarkGDK. DarkGDK 2.0 is a spin-off created by Mistrel. He spun it off from a very early version of DarkGDK (before the open-source versions). Perhaps you can PM him if he's still around.

I'm not familiar with 2.0, but I am familiar with the regular DarkGDK, and there is no gdkengine.dll to mess with there.

For DarkGDK:

The latest unofficial open-source release (r114 - 11-21-2017) from s_i that works with Visual Studio 2017 is here:

The semi-latest unofficial open-source release (r114 - 11-20-2014) from WickedX, is here:

The latest official open-source release (r113) from The Tall Man (that's me) is here:
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Posted: 5th Jun 2020 15:23
-The current license is not designed for this version of the software. Please contact support if this error persists.
I also get stuck on this error. Please,let me know, if you found solution for this.

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