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3 Dimensional Chat / [SOLVED] detect ammunition with linepick detection (method concept)

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Joined: 11th May 2020
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Posted: 18th May 2020 21:35
Hello, I managed to make my plane fly, and to fire ammunition (type).

I before, to calculate the collision of the ammunition towards the following.

1. Activated the "entitypickmode" of the objects that could be victims of that ammunition.
2. I threw a lightning bolt (linepick) from my ammunition, towards the future position of the ammunition.
3. if the ray detected collision on an entity, then it had my collision with its position through pickedx () pickedy () and pickedz ()
4. I deactivated all objects that could have entitypickmode activated, to have my resources clean.

My ammunition collides with LOWPOLY objects representing each unit.

I clarify that I write my own physics for collisions and movements since I am not yet familiar with AppGameKit physics.


As I am new, I want to know how in AppGameKit I should approach this issue.

I am reviewing the help, and since I am not familiar with all the options that agk offers, I wanted to ask you what is the recommended way for collisions of this type.

in case of ammo and proyectiles, i don't like use physics collisions becaus the highspeed generate some problems, so linepick method is the best option in this case.

the screenshot of the game, i want to shoot the carrier

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Posted: 18th May 2020 21:43 Edited at: 18th May 2020 21:43
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I would use ObjectRayCast()
Have i look at the example posted with the help for guidance
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Joined: 11th May 2020
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Posted: 18th May 2020 23:51
Thanks you BlinkOk!!! is exelent example...

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