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Work in Progress / [LOCKED] Epic Ball - puzzle game

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Joined: 25th May 2020
Posted: 31st May 2020 18:52 Edited at: 6th Jun 2020 20:34
Hi all,
This is my first real attempt at making a full game. I have been working on it in my (very little) spare time over the past several months. Epic Ball is a puzzle game where you get to knock down buildings and blow stuff up while trying to collect all of the colored gems. Epic Ball is pretty much finished aside from a few tweeks and I still want to add lots more levels to it as well. I am working on putting it out for trial on iphones, but for now I'm only testing it on Android.
work hard & have fun


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Virtual Nomad
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Posted: 3rd Jun 2020 03:39
Quote: "knock down buildings and blow stuff up"

right up my alley

i'm assuming AppGameKit? and, do you have any gameplay footage to show off?
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Joined: 10th Jul 2003
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Posted: 6th Jun 2020 20:35 Edited at: 6th Jun 2020 20:59
This forum is for games developed with TGC software only.
Since this is a Unity developed game it is not allowed on this forum.

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