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AppGameKit Studio Chat / exporting from studio.

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Joined: 22nd Mar 2020
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Posted: 19th Jun 2020 10:23 Edited at: 19th Jun 2020 10:24
Trying to export from Studio to android, but, it does not complete the APK, i get a 12 MB APK which should be about 25MB.

so i moved onto AppGameKit classic to export, it works but with no Icon when i install it on my phone, instead it uses the AppGameKit 2 like the player has. i have selected a png with the right dimension did this a lot of times. but maybe the PNG is not right, have not tried to change the png just thought about posting about it.

Also found a bug.

in FindString(txtId,"search",0,1) if the "search" value is bigger than the len(txtId) then it returns a 1 should be 0.
Posting the later on Git.
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Kevin Cross
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Posted: 19th Jun 2020 12:46 Edited at: 19th Jun 2020 12:51
When you get the 12MB APK file you have to close Studio and export again. The latest Studio only lets you export once per session. Close, open, export, close, open, export, close, open, export, close, open, export. That process is ingrained. Not sure I'd be able to break out of that habit now when they fix it.

And if you're exporting to iOS you also have to make sure you compile/run it in Studio first because the export process doesn't compile the app.

I can't get Classic to work because of that missing icon bug when trying to export. Thought it was just my install that had the issue. It sounds like it exports for you in Classic, but doesn't for me because of a missing icon.
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Posted: 19th Jun 2020 14:57
Did you get the latest classic version ?
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Posted: 20th Jun 2020 21:40
Ok so.i have managed to export from studio as you suggested. The icon now works fine. However the particles exported from the particle editor are all messed up. Jittering , does not fade, wrong positions etc.
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Posted: 22nd Jun 2020 19:24
same problems on me . I also use classic to export but because I have a steam Version so I don't get any icon error its ok for me ..

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