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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Need To Add Console Support To Remain Competitive

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Joined: 15th Mar 2017
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Posted: 26th Jun 2020 00:08 Edited at: 26th Jun 2020 00:14

Free "Defold" engine just released support for Nintendo Switch console/handheld via a $25/month subscription.
We think "AppGameKit Studio" really needs to start supporting consoles to remain competitive in a VERY crowded field of engines(many of which are free).
We absolutely love AppGameKit, but without console support we are forced to use other engines like Defold and Unreal.
Just our two cents...

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Posted: 26th Jun 2020 07:49
I'd rather have TGC focus on their main things and not to clutter with even more platforms which can become a pain to maintain. But that's up to TGC ofc...
Kevin Cross
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Posted: 28th Jun 2020 08:47
With a free app that does really well from in app purchases I'm stuck with the 2 platforms/stores Android and iOS. I can't benefit from the available desktop options already available like Mac and Windows as I'd have no way from earning from those platforms because as far as I know there's no in-app purchase option available with AppGameKit outside of iOS and Android. I'd love to see my app on Windows and Mac and so would a lot of my users but in-apps are important and them not being available is a barrier.

So opening it to consoles and a lot more platforms would be cool and definitely a great idea but you're only going to make money on those with paid for games.

I'd like them to make it possible to earn from free apps on more platforms and make that a higher priority then getting AppGameKit games running on more platforms.
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Posted: 28th Jun 2020 09:07
Kevin i actually think, you can like on steam you can always make mini expansion and sell them.
Also you have a powerful Html 5 export. Where you can add some ads or any other kind of revenue ideas...

There are methods to get paid for Html 5. Also Steam is extremlly good for indie developers even if you sell a whole app for a few us dollars you can make.some profit on steam.
Nadav "Haliop" Rosenberg
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