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Android / [LOCKED] [BUG REPORT] SaveImage( iImageIndex, filename ) image had no transparency on Android

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Posted: 26th Jun 2020 18:04 Edited at: 26th Jun 2020 18:17
Hello. I would like to report a bug, and if possible would like to request a fix.

The bug lies with SaveImage( iImageIndex, filename ) command on Android.
When that command is called on Android, the saved image would lose it's transparency data. The transparency would be replaced with black opaque color.
However, the command works fine without exhibiting this bug if used on Windows. The transparency is preserved on Windows.

I wish AppGameKit developer will fix this as soon as they are able to fix this in their already tight schedule. There's an app that I wish to put online, but as long as this bug is not fixed yet, I can't do so.
I apologize for the inconveniences.

I have atttached the code that will reproduce this bug on Android.
I will also paste it here if anybody wanted to take a quick look:

In this example app, the app will prompt you to choose an image. Please choose an image with transparency from your Android device to see the bug


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Posted: 26th Jun 2020 22:16 Edited at: 26th Jun 2020 22:21
locking this thread where this thread, this post, and this post on Discord already solicit spammy notions.

meanwhile, it is suggested that we post bugs @ the github repository in order to be properly addressed (which, i now see you've already posted the issue there, as well).

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