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FPSC Classic Scripts / Script Pack 10 - Nazi Zombies v2

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Joined: 4th Jan 2011
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Posted: 14th Jul 2020 17:06
Fully reworked script pack 10 is coming back! Now it easy to use and customize as you need! The architecture of the script pack allows you to set up game mode as you want, to add your own characters not changing any core AI script!

Customizable GameMode_Setup.fpi allows you edit some vars:
- money- player's money at start
- waveMax - sets victory wave, use a big value for endless game
- zombiesCountIncrement - adds X zombies in each wave
- zombiesInGameMax - sets max count of active (spawned) zombies in the game (set to 3-4 to reach good performance)
- bossWaveInterval - 0 - disables boss waves; >0 - boss wave each (x)th wave (prefer set to 5 for more gameplay balance)
- bossesCountIncrement - adds X boss-zombies for the next boss wave
- runningZombiesAfterWave - sets wave when zombies can run

Customizable Spawn.fpi allows you edit some vars and to regulate difficulty:
- healthIncrement - adds X zombie's health in each wave
- zombieStartHealth - start health of zombies
- bossStartHealth - boss health of zombies
- damage - used in damage events

Customizable BossWaveEnvironment_Setup.fpi allows to set up ambience and fog components for default waves and boss waves


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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
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Posted: 18th Jul 2020 18:16
Hukuta94 Thank you, I love your work with scripts
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