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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Text to speech - Get installed voice languages?

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Posted: 21st Jul 2020 13:59 Edited at: 21st Jul 2020 14:00
Hello all,
Just wondering if there was a way to get the list of actually installed voice languages for text-to-speech? The following code pulls out a list of all available voice languages:

This shows 62 voice languages, and I am pretty certain my Android device doesn't have them all installed (at least I hope not). By picking one which isn't installed it should go and fetch the necessary language files, but I would like to know if I can just list the ones that are currently installed. This way I could pick "en_GB" if it is there, or fall back to "en_US" if not. I suspect I can't but it would be nice

Chart data provided with kind permission from ELSPA

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