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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Playing WMV cutscenes in Windows 10

Avenging Eagle
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Joined: 2nd Oct 2005
Location: UK
Posted: 1st Aug 2020 23:36
As some of you may have seen, I have recently been making Let's Play videos of old FPSC titles from years ago. I run and record the gameplay in Windows 10 and most function fairly well, apart from if they have .wmv cutscenes - for some reason those videos never play in-game. If I manually navigate into the videobank folders of these games, I can play the cutscenes fine in Windows 10, WMP, and VLC, but within an FPSC game, the cutscenes refuse to play. Has anyone else experienced this issue and, if so, is there anything I can do to stop it? It would be nice to not have to watch the cutscenes afterwards to 'fill in the blanks' as it were.

Also, semi-related issue, one of my own FPSC games refuses to spawn a specific enemy model despite the fact both the .dbo model file and .dds texture file exist within the game's folders. This particular enemy was one I ported over from Dark Matter 1 and, while all the other characters from FPSC and its model packs spawn correctly, this one doesn't. I used it several times throughout the level so it's kind of a bummer it doesn't spawn anymore.

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Posted: 2nd Aug 2020 00:21
Avenging Eagle I pretty much stick to .avi's. The quality and compression seems a little better ? My opinion only.
Have you tried avi's ?
As for the Dark Matter models SeppGirty played a lot with those and would know why. I'll give him a shout.
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