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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / [Dark Physics] Third person strafe movement?

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Posted: 16th Sep 2020 04:23 Edited at: 16th Sep 2020 07:45
Title basically says it. I decided to bite the bullet and dive into learning Dark Physics, and Ive got gravity working and Ive got the character controller controlling my player avatar, but just one problem; There doesnt seem to be any good way to strafe left and right, or any way at all to make the player jump.

I managed to get a halfway decent strafing effect by rotating the player object left or right, applying the movement with PHY MOVE CHARACTER CONTROLLER (objectnumber),(speed) and then rotating them back all in one go, so you never SEE the player turn since they turn, move, and turn back all in one frame, but this seems clunky and inefficient. Is there any better way to achieve this?

And that works for strafing, but oddly not for jumping. I tried doing the same technique of rotating, applying the PHY MOVE CHARACTER CONTROLLER, and then roating back, and the character doesnt move.

Any ideas?

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