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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Mrigaya's Game Jam 2020

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Joined: 16th Jun 2014
Location: Virtuality
Posted: 3rd Oct 2020 09:47
Announcing Mrigaya's Game Jam 2020!

Hi everyone !

You are invited to join this game jam for the month of October, 2020.

The theme was decided because of the ongoing situation around the world and also because Halloween is coming up next.

I hope you have a great time participating in this jam.

The jam was intended to be a community event for the FPSC and GG communities and was not intended as a competition. There is however public voting just so people can prioritize what games to play in case they have limited time.

You can join the event here -
For any queries you can message me here -
You can also email me at -

Submission Rules :

Theme : Returning Home From The Quarantine Center

Game Engines : FPS Creator or GameGuru

Levels : 1 - 3

Team Members - Any
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Joined: 29th Mar 2017
Playing: Terrorist Takedown 2 (a really cool game)
Posted: 3rd Oct 2020 18:53
sounds good! i'll make a quick little game for this after i finish my current unnamed project
hi, i'm a random guy who's making random games with random game engines for random reasons

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Joined: 16th Jun 2014
Location: Virtuality
Posted: 6th Oct 2020 15:35
Due to the inconvenience of time, and feedback from the participants, the date for Mrigaya's Game Jam 2020 has been extended to the 31st of October. Have a fun time jamming you all!

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