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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Basic "match 3" style game I started but lost interest

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Joined: 27th Apr 2020
Posted: 17th Oct 2020 21:49 Edited at: 19th Nov 2020 18:44
I spent a day or two making this a few weeks ago and then promptly lost interest in it.. I had plans to make the gameplay more interesting somehow, perhaps by limiting the number of "swaps" you could make between removing blocks, or some other mechanics. Maybe some different shapes, some bonus pieces or something like this.

Source code is included!

ZIP file attached.


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Posted: 17th Oct 2020 22:05
i'm sure the code would be appreciated. meanwhile, any update on your tunnel runner?
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Joined: 27th Apr 2020
Posted: 17th Oct 2020 22:23
Yes actually I added some stuff, including some "donut" shaped tunnel sections so you can go either left or right at certain points (although end up at the same spot either way), the plan is to perhaps add a blockage or hazard in one of the two direction for those sections.

Also most significantly I added a boss fight after round 4.. Its a large sphere shaped room with a boss spaceship patrolling around that engages you once you make LOS. The mechanics are fairly simply but involves a reflective shield that needs to be taken down before you can damage the boss.

Ill make a video and add it to the thread, meanwhile I already updated the ZIP file and edited the first post to include the changes and spoiler info on beating the boss.

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