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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Breakout style game I started but lost interest

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Joined: 27th Apr 2020
Posted: 17th Oct 2020 22:06
For this one I had the idea to put a couple of random words behind the blocks so that you had to reveal the words. The idea was going to be something like getting a better score for typing in the words with more blocks remaining... In the end I think the whole premise was kind of lame so I moved on.

Same as the match 3 game if someone is interested in the C++ code for any reason please let me know.

Zip file attached.


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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
Location: SF Bay Area, USA
Posted: 17th Oct 2020 22:23
its not lame at all; its breakout with "a little extra".

and, i like how the paddle followed the wall. good stuff

thanks for sharing these little gems. we all have plenty of WIPs that never see the light of day and should probably gether them up and share the code as Templates that others could feed on and, perhaps, take to the finish line.

*just noted my "gether" typo. am leaving it because i'm thinking it should have been gether (as in "together") rather than "gather" all along

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Joined: 27th Apr 2020
Posted: 17th Oct 2020 23:11
Hehe sounds good, gether = gather together! I will update these posts to include the source code, I should have just attached them to start with. It's of course nothing groundbreaking and in fact I could probably get roasted pretty good by any real C programmers out there. I just learned to code with C++ about four months ago after one of my first projects with AppGameKit started to go sideways partly because of the limitation of the basic language and the execution speed hit I realized was occurring because of the interpreter. My first game that I ported (a top down 2d space shooter, which I should post here too I guess lol) went from dropping well below 60 fps with lots of action on screen to running at over 2500 fps when untethered.

The transition was actually not too difficult, as all the same basic programming principles apply.. I just needed to learn some new syntax and a few odds and ends and now I would never go back!

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