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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / VirtualFTP: a 3D FTP client made in Dark Basic Pro

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Posted: 10th Nov 2020 03:32 Edited at: 10th Nov 2020 03:34
Two weeks ago, I learned that Dark Basic Pro includes a set of commands to connect to, and operate on, FTP servers. This gave me the sudden inspiration to create an FTP client that controls like a video game.

First, I needed to learn how to use the FTP commands, so I wrote a quick project called TerminalFTP, a text-based FTP client made to resemble TTY interfaces. This was completed in an afternoon. Then I started making 3D models, and in 2 weeks I created the second program: VirtualFTP, which lets you connect to FTP servers, explore the remote system and download files by moving in, and interacting with, a 3D world.
Since I'm a VR freak, I used ReShade to view VirtualFTP in stereoscopic 3D, with a homemade head-mounted display. After flying all the way up the size bar of a 1 GB ISO file and looking down at the other files (you'll know what that means after trying the program), I actually went "Wow!" It was the first time in my life I said "wow" while using an FTP client.

If you're curious to try it, you can download both programs from

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