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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Physics Carrom/pool 2D

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Joined: 29th Nov 2011
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Posted: 12th Nov 2020 06:24
is their any example about pool or carrom game . I could not manage the physics situation .. so I want to see some example
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Posted: 14th Nov 2020 23:03 Edited at: 14th Nov 2020 23:22
i hope this helps get you started:

not my best work, and i was going to add more like checks to make sure the striker was on the table before shooting, apply rules, etc, but i gotta leave something for you, right?

there's a lot of trial and error when playing with box2d. if i was going to do this seriously, i would pull real-world characteristics into it and scale everything correctly, for starters. IE, board @ 74cm, men @ 3cm, etc. that's what i'd suggest you do. then play with friction, dampening, restitution, etc., and remember, if you're going to manually set Mass, do it after all other manual adjustments.

good luck!

oh, some controls/instructions might be helpful (incase its not obvious in the code):
you can't place the striker while men are moving. there's a check in there to make sure you're not colliding with men when you attempt to place the striker.
once placed, hold the pointer down to increase power and drag to determine angle. release to, well, strike (my first time looking at Carrom so i don't know ALL the terms (yet))
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Joined: 29th Nov 2011
Location: India
Posted: 16th Nov 2020 06:51
Thanks dear .

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