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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Random question : does FPSC have RNG ?

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Posted: 14th Nov 2020 10:05 Edited at: 14th Nov 2020 10:07
^ Title.

For those who don't know what RNG is, it's an acronym for "Random Number Generation", it allows a more "varied" gameplay by randomizing some aspects of it. For instance, the amount of damage delivered by a pistol would be comprised between two values defined by the developer.

I'm asking this because in FPSC, you can determine by yourself how much damage a weapon can inflict, but sadly that value will remain fixed for the whole game. Combats aren't really interesting because of this.
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Posted: 14th Nov 2020 10:40
it's probably possible but i haven't tried yet. you might be able to get a helpful anwser quicker in the FPSC discord since the FPSC TGC forums aren't really active nowadays.
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