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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / 1985 - C64 Chopper Flight (Kind of a Remake)

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Posted: 15th Nov 2020 02:31 Edited at: 15th Nov 2020 02:39
So here's the story.....

Watching this very boring movie with my wife, I browse youtube and come accros this video of a very old game I love to play as a kid on my Commondor 64.

This is the end result in about 2 hours 34 minutes.
Very rough, bugs, but it's kindoff working and NOT finish.
Everything is hardcoded, and only a few variables used... lots of room to expand....

Original Game Video ""

Breakin, expand it, use it, do whatever you find usefull... BUT PLEASE SHARE ON THE FORUM

Just another proof how easy it can be to do a very basic game in AppGameKit, and AGKS.



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