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Android / Abandonware - Archersee

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Joined: 25th Apr 2020
Posted: 18th Nov 2020 19:04
I have been working on a program meant to make archery, and similar ranged sports more accessible to the visually impaired community. Unfortunately, I feel that I have progressed with development as far as AppGameKit will permit; and am abandoning the project for the time being.

The program works as intended, in a very rudimentary sense. The archer / marksman will tap the screen to acquire the coordinates of a selected target, and then the android device will provide haptic feedback to assist with aiming.

However, in it's current version the program only does so in a vague manner; providing only a rough area in which the target is located, rather than an exact and precise position.

I am hoping that future versions of the application will be better suited to precision based applications, accurate within a millimeter of the designated target.

For those interested, the code in its current iteration can be found below.



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