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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Admob ads not showing on Amazon

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Joined: 27th May 2020
Posted: 29th Nov 2020 13:35

I am having trouble getting Admob ads to display on the Amazon version of my app. They display perfectly on the google play version.

I have double-checked the following:
- Using the correct admob ID on the compile dialog box in APK studio
- Setting up an App on the admob site with platform of Amazon store
- Using the exact package name on the admob App that I use in the Amazon Store submission, and also using this on the compile dialog box on AppGameKit studio
- Calling SetAdMobDetails using the correct ad unit in the code.
- Calling CreateAdvertEx using the same parameters that work with the google version
- Calling SetAdvertVisible (1) and RequestAdvertRefresh() just for good measure
- Compiling the App with APK type set to "Amazon" (also tried with APK type set to "Google" but it seems to make no difference)
- Waited well over 24 hours for the admob app setup to bed in

I am at a loss to know what to try next! Any ideas welcome

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Posted: 29th Nov 2020 16:42
Are you using the latest version of AppGameKit Studio. If so, this part of that update may be the problem:

* Removed Amazon Ads from the Google version of the Android player due to conflicts with Google's ad policy
* Removed Amazon Ads from Google APK export due to policy conflicts

Try compiling with a previous version and see if you are having the same issue.
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Joined: 27th May 2020
Posted: 30th Nov 2020 10:59
Ah interesting, thanks for the tip. I am using the Steam version so I'm not sure I can get an older version. However perhaps the easiest route is to just remove it from the Amazon store. As long as I have it on google and IOS.

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