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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Space ROCKS! (doesn't it?) WIP

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Joined: 21st Feb 2020
Location: Australia
Posted: 1st Dec 2020 22:54 Edited at: 2nd Dec 2020 16:05
Hi folks, I'm making a little 3D space shooter to help those that have not done 3D stuff before pick up a few basics. You can use this project how you like, it's free.
I'm a procedural coder but it should be fairly easy to understand as I will have comments all through the code.

It's a work in progress as I still have to add file access for loading and saving high scores. A little game like this doesn't need load/save high scores but it will just be for educational purposes.
I will also add customisable controls for mouse and 360 controller.

ZIP provided below.
BASIC appeared in May 1964. Lightning flashed, the wind roared and the Earth moved.
And nine months later I was born.
So here I am.
I am Basic.
Code is in my genes.


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