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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Could anyone confirm strange memory usage of GIF animations?

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Posted: 16th Dec 2020 00:59 Edited at: 16th Dec 2020 01:06
somehow loading a GIF with LoadImage() and make a Sprite out of that, doesn't result in more memory usage.

So that could be a compression that doesn't get the RGBA8888 uncompressed treatment, or! and I guess, that is more likely the case, it is not detected by the GetImageMemoryUsage() command the right way.

A compressed GIF that takes ~ 135 kByte would result in a

before, 0.371 MB (couldn't test it inside the program without // commenting it out)
after GIF loaded 0.487 MB

so maybe that are about the 135 kBytes. But the GIF is:
- animated with about 8 Frames
- second, if it would RGBA8888, it had to be about 135 x 188 Pixels by 32 Bit colors (4 Byte) ~ 0.097 MB

135*188*4/1024/1024*8 ~ 0.77453613281 MB
----- so the GIF only takes up its diskspace also in memory? and not the size it would take if it contained 8 Sprites in that size???

so it maybe that a GIF only uses the memory of one frame???

Maybe the image is to small to get an exact result

Also no transparency effects are working correctly
And it is not a Spritesheet after loading. So all Sprite animation commands don't work.


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