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AppGameKit Studio Chat / My first particle editor example

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Joined: 5th Jan 2020
Posted: 30th Dec 2020 21:17
I delved into particle editor for the first time last night with a view to adding some particle effects to a 2D game I've been making.

Hopefully the following advice will help others understand hot to get to grips with compiling their own incarnations of particle effects.

Thank you, and all due credit to AmarJSB for posting the code snippet example within the thread below:

I edited it slightly to accomodate myself trying to get to grips with the Particle editor, please find minor amendments to it below:

I'm pleased to say that I achieved pleasing results by doing the following associated with the minor amendments to the file:

1. Created a new project, pasted the following code into the projects main.agc
2. Created a test.png file - saved it in the projects 'media' folder.
3. Created a back.jpg file - saved it in the projects 'media' folder.
4. Opened the particle editor - saved the 'birds' folder so it could be used in AppGameKit Studio.
5. Copy the media file structure from the particle editor to the new project.
6. Navigated to the export folder - copied the 5 birds files into the new project media/effects folder.
7. Compiled and ran the project to see two layers of 'birds' flocking across the window.

Hope this example helps someone.

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