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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Museum of Lost Art – Gardner Gallery

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Joined: 15th May 2016
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Posted: 5th Jan 2021 18:09 Edited at: 5th Jan 2021 18:24
This app is a "virtual museum" where you can view and learn about the artwork stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990.

Currently working on a more ambitious survival horror game for Windows with AppGameKit, but this was a short side project last month. This is the first phone app I've ever published. Made it in about a week. I'm a DarkBASIC transplant from years ago and love AppGameKit. Hope more improvements and capabilities are down the road for phone and desktop development.

Free / no ads.

Sorry iPhone users, not paying that developer fee to publish this experiment.

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Posted: 6th Jan 2021 05:57 Edited at: 6th Jan 2021 06:08
Its a shame they had a chance to recover those and blew it. (they are gone forever now)

Cool idea

I had similar thoughts awhile back and started making 3d models of historic art that is in the public domain.

Even used them as the dynamic entities to run some scripts, even though they just hang on the wall in all their static glory.

These "virtual museums" are a great idea for educational VR experiences. (especially with lockdowns... every museum should have one )

Coding things my way since 1981 -- Currently using AppGameKit V2 Tier 1
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Posted: 15th Jan 2021 23:29
Nice virtual museum. It runs well on my android. Good job on the lighting setup too.
I wish i thought of a better name when i made this account :/

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