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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [Plugin] Utf-8 Clipboard Win32/64 + Source Code

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Posted: 23rd Jan 2021 13:14 Edited at: 23rd Jan 2021 14:42
Greetings folks!

I have updated the Clipboard Functions in order to read/write from non ASCII languages aswell.
Also the Visual Studio cpp included aswell, so you can develop it further!

There are basically two functions:
EU.SetClipboard("Встре́ча с медве́дем мо́жет быть о́чень опа́сна.")

As an extra also a fine EncodeURI function in order to create some valid HTTP requests.
SourceText$ = EU.EncodeURI(SourceText$)

As long as the font allows it, you can now copy/ paste any character.


Source Code Cpp:

Hope this can help you out at some point.


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