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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Survival Horror Demo WIP by Blue Herb Software

Bio Fox
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Posted: 30th Jan 2021 23:47 Edited at: 30th Jan 2021 23:55
Hello TGC Forums! We’re Blue Herb Software, a two-person team (comprised of myself and tarkusAB) that has been working on a survival horror demo for about nine months. The desktop game is heavily inspired by Resident Evil 1 Remake as well as other survival horror games like Silent Hill.

We coded the demo in App Game Kit, did all the 3d modeling in Blender, and created all textures in GIMP. Levels were assembled in Map Scape, but the other stuff was defined in our level editor (also coded in AGK). The level editor allows us to add camera positions, triggers, and other entities to the rooms. There are a couple of assets that are not ours, such as the free sound effects used in the inventory as well as the stand-in textures for the player model and enemies, but in general, we made everything on display. Keep in mind this is a work in progress and still has a long way to go before being a complete game.

What is the premise of the game?
You are in an underground bunker and your brother is missing. While looking for him, monsters appear and you must fight your way out by gathering items, solving puzzles, and interacting with other dubious members of the bunker.

How is it played?
We developed with controllers in mind, but there are basic options for keyboard and mouse as well.

So, what works in this demo?
• Inventory menu
o Use items
o Equip weapons
o Combine items (such as health or ammo into a gun)
o Examine items (brings up a 3d viewer)
o Drop items (can place items on the map to pick up later)
o Note view (you can pick up notes, then view them later)
• 3D collision, including going up and downstairs
• Lightmaps
• Picking up items off the map and putting in inventory (and the items glow, too)
• Using doors to move between rooms, including locked doors and doors that can only be opened from the other side
• Static and on-rails camera
• Examining spots on the map and displaying scrolling text
• Saving and loading
• Item box management (just like the Resident Evil item box, it can be connected or disconnected like Real Survival Mode)
• Basic AI path finding

What isn’t in this demo?
We haven’t added combat, advanced AI stuff like attacking or grabbing, NPCs, or music. We have the full area mapped out, but there are only ten rooms in the demo. There’s some basic cutscene code in the game, but it isn’t shown off in the demo either.

What’s the plan for the future?
While we are putting this project on hold, we want to share screenshots and a video to get feedback. Let us know what you think. In particular, we’re pretty happy with how the environment and inventory menu came out.

BTW, if you’re curious, we’ve previously made projects in DarkBASIC Pro under the name BioFox Games. Here are a few links to those projects so you can see how much we’ve improved.


Immortal Guardian 2:

Overall, AppGameKit is a lot of fun to develop for and definitely a step up from DarkBASIC Pro. Oh, and making 3D models can be a blast!

No, we did not include a link to actually play the game, but there's a video and screen shots below. Thanks for checking this out. Let us know what you think, good or bad.



BioFox Games


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Posted: 31st Jan 2021 07:59
I like games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

You've made a great start especially creating everything yourself.

If you need further inspiration take a look at a couple of projects I am keeping an eye on.

Virtual Nomad
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Posted: 1st Feb 2021 00:58
looking good, guys.

i had recently enjoyed your Soldier Force sequel and now see what's delayed part 3
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Bio Fox
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Posted: 9th Feb 2021 02:31
Tboy, those projects look pretty cool. Love the graphics on Them and Us! We're definitely going for a certain style with our demo. Getting lightmaps to work was a challenge for the large rooms.

Virtual Nomand, appreciate you checking out some of my videos, haha. I have many different creative hobbies, movie making and video game development included.
BioFox Games

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