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FPS Creator X10 / Is FPS Creator X10 even worth it in 2020?

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Joined: 30th Jan 2021
Posted: 31st Jan 2021 19:45
I have a chance to purchase a FPS Creator X10 CD for quite cheap from a site similar to craigslist in my country. But before I make a decision if I buy it or not, I need to know, is it even worth it to buy FPS Creator X10?

What I mean is I need to know if it's even worth to buy it when FPS Creator Classic is free. So, specifically I need answes to these questions:

- Are the DX10 graphical improvements that different compared to FPSC X9?
- Do the FPS Creator Classic models packs work in FPSC X10? And if they do, do they stand out or have any issues?
- I heard somewhere that crashes and compatibility issues are common with Windows 10, is that true?
- Are there any major changes in FPSC X10 that make it worth it over FPSC X9?
- Is FPSC X10 just a slightly improved version of FPSC X9?

This is all, unless you think I might want to know something.

Sorry for any poor wording on spelling mistakes, english is not my first language.
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Posted: 1st Feb 2021 13:03 Edited at: 1st Feb 2021 13:03
- FPSCX10 has several graphical improvements that arent even in the latest BIM, like Parallax Mapping, and the window refractions.

- Most of the FPSC model packs work in FPSCX10, but some weapon packs like Model Pack 5 or EAI's weapon packs (9,10 and 53) don't work and have various errors in X10.

- FPSCX10 has a couple of cool features, like Dark AI that doesn't drain the framerate unlike FPSC when you use the Dark AI scripts instead of the stock AI, the framerate dips really low. FPSCX10 also has a cool real time visual options menu, where if you press TAB you can customize
various graphics options, like fog, water height and color, skybox texture, bloom, and more. FPSCX10 also has ragdoll physics if you install the mature patch ( ), X10's ragdolls are much better than what's currently in FPSC classic (although that's about to change with the impending release of BIM Advanced)

- FPSCX10 had some issues with Windows 10, but when i got a new PC the issues just got fixed somehow. if you'll be experiencing problems, post your issue in the FPSC Discord Server it's a lot more active than this forum so you'll get a response faster.

- i'd say FPSCX10 is really fun to mess around with, the various new graphical options, the Dark AI that allows you to make cool fights that don't drain your framerate, and the ragdolls. FPSCX10 has some flaws and it's pretty outdated. so if you're going to make a serious FPSC game project i'd say just go
with FPSC classic with the Black Ice Mod. but if you're just curious and want to mess around then buy it.
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