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Joined: 11th Apr 2016
Posted: 2nd Feb 2021 13:47 Edited at: 2nd Feb 2021 13:51
I made Rabbit English Quiz with AppGameKit Tier 1. It is a quiz game for learning English.

It has a unique algorithm. Depending on how quickly you answer the question, the next question will change.
If you answer all the questions, various drawings will be displayed depending on the elapsed time.

It has an HTML5 version and an Android version.
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Joined: 10th Jul 2003
Location: Yorkshire
Posted: 2nd Feb 2021 15:23 Edited at: 2nd Feb 2021 15:41
Firstly, put the lineUseNewDefaultFonts(1) near the top of your code. It will make the font look much nicer.

Secondly, if this app is meant for learning English then you really should use correct English in it. Nobody says "the Jupiter" or "the Mercury". You could get away with "the Earth" but equally you could drop "the" for all of them. Realistically though, if it were me, I would also drop "This is" from the answers and just offer "Jupiter, Mercury, Earth"

[EDIT]I've just tried it. I'm guessing English isn't your first language, so maybe this is an odd choice of app for you.
The first question:
She .... English in her room
1. was studying
2. has been studying
3. is studying

All three of those are are perfectly acceptable.

Question 2:
Hi, my name is James
1. Hi. James.
2. Wow!
3. Let's go.

Again, all three are perfectly acceptable responses (almost), the first one has a full stop after "Hi" which makes it wrong and yet that is the answer you have chosen to be correct.

The third question required audio which I don't have so I had to stop there.
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Joined: 3rd Jul 2016
Location: Laniakea Supercluster
Posted: 2nd Feb 2021 17:59
Nice little quiz. Some constructive feedback:

What Scraggle said, also there are many typos, most of them are upper case chars where lower case chars should have been used instead.

- You're Welcome
- Forrest ( it's forest )
- I'm Tired
- In The Morning
- Bubble Gum
- ...

Also, when you fail to answer a question correctly, you are thrown back one question, which is ok. However, after answering that question correctly, the following number is skipped.


Coders don't die, they just gosub without return
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Joined: 11th Apr 2016
Posted: 3rd Feb 2021 02:49
Thank you for your feedback. I will fix the mistakes.
As you might expect, English isn't my first language. I need to study more.
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Posted: 6th Feb 2021 11:09
N.I wrote: "As you might expect, English isn't my first language. I need to study more."

Or team up with someone to proofread/edit the project. This way you can concentrate on the coding/design, and they can focus on the grammar and readability.

Two additional things to consider
- the age/proficiency level you are addressing and tailoring the content to a specific range
- adding an explanation of WHY it is correct or the others are wrong. Knowing why one answer is correct and another is wrong is helpful to learning a language.
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