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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Thoughts about post processing

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Posted: 21st Feb 2021 02:26
For a while i was a video editor, whenever i finished a project ill send it to the owner of the company and he used to make some changes to my edits so it would look more approaching to the eye of his costumers.

So my grasp on this is that no matter what you "see" on screen it could be better by automating a single shader for static objects/sprites another one for lightning, enviorment etc...

I know that with some shaders this could be done and than again asking myself , would a new AppGameKit command for post processing effect regardless of anything presented to the render could be even better with just a few var adjusments inside that function and will this ever get a new TODO in the TODO list of later on update...

Holding my fingers for this one.

Since if this is turned on automaticly before even building any project will automaticly make everything looks better even if i just created 2 sprites with no image attached at all.

Just 2 box sprites with post processing, and i really think this will benefith AppGameKit by much (especially for new users)
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