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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Create3DPhysicsFixedJoint - Slow update when combined with FixObjectPivot

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Posted: 22nd Feb 2021 01:36 Edited at: 28th Feb 2021 16:48
Here is an example "crane" - use '[' and ']' to move the crane arm up and down. When the red suction cup makes contact with the box it picks it up, press space to release.

No problem.

But now I want to spin in it, use '-' and '+' to rotate. Using FixObjectPivot() for the arm results in a really slow update for the Fixed Joint. Any ideas? This is as simple as can get I don't understand how it is floating so badly, I've tried scaling everything up and it looks worse.

EDIT - 6DOF and ConeTwistJoint do not have the floating effect of a FixedJoint. Updated code below.

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