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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / 3D Scanner Using Arduino, Serial Plugin and AGK (Source Included)

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Joined: 29th Aug 2017
Posted: 25th Feb 2021 13:30 Edited at: 25th Feb 2021 13:36
Another Serial/Arduino Project.
Hope someone find use for it.

Taking a series of pictures with a camera, you can build a 3d Model with that photo's.
I use 3DSom for the photo manipulation, but I'm sure there is other software available.
Then the model can be edited in Blender, or your faviorite 3d Modeling Software.
The model rendering will be as good as your Masking of the Images, which can take some time.
The Arduino is use to turn the model around 360 degrees, and AppGameKit take care of snapping photo's with an interval, Pause the Process, adjust the camera etc...
This is more of an fun project / proof of concept to see if it will work , and actually surprise me with a very good result with not much effort.
If I spend more time masking my image, results will be even better, but I let the program do it's thing (Almost everything Automated)

This is basic working code... Lots of possibilties to expand this 3D Photo scanner.... maybe one day when I'm bored again....

Parts Needed:
USB Camera
Arduino Uno, Nano, Mega etc
Stepper motor and A4988 Stepper Driver. Arduino Code bases on a Simple A4988, Other steppers can work with minimum changes
Genral Tools, Wires, power Supply

Arduino Diagram:

Arduino Code

AGK Code




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Captain Ouais
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Joined: 12th Dec 2003
Location: France
Posted: 1st Mar 2021 17:09
Super impressive !
I do what i do !!!
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Joined: 22nd Feb 2013
Location: the land of oz
Posted: 1st Mar 2021 19:44
Excellent work
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Joined: 9th Oct 2002
Posted: 7th Mar 2021 23:58
That's amazing, nice work! And all with a basic camera, wow. All kinds of applications and uses come to mind with something like that. I'd imagine you wouldn't necessarily have to be limited to a particular sample pattern, but with some kind of movement/placement tracking, a system like this could be expanded to take 3D samples of a variety of things (terrain or rooms for example). Very cool to see model sampling done that way.

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