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FPSC Classic Scripts / [SOLVED] Allow player to switch maps in game

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Joined: 23rd Feb 2021
Posted: 1st Mar 2021 15:57
I am running into an issue with several maps I'm working on when it says they are TOO LARGE. So what I was thinking is to Modify the Office Pack Elevator Script so that instead of it teleporting you somewhere e;se on the map, I could split each level into its own map.. ie when you use the switch in the elevator it takes you to Area51_Level1.fpm, Area51_Level2.fpm, or Area51_Level3.fpm..

Is something like this even possible? and If so would the objectives for each floor reset every time they switch floors? ie 3rd floor rescue Scientist may reset when you switch to 2nd floor to access the server.

Im new to this type of scripting, but have experience in VB script, C++, and few other languages. Just don't know the limitations of this scripting language.

Are there any good resources to help with like maybe list of possible commands and syntax?

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Posted: 2nd Mar 2021 10:13
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Hello PsyCoh, and welcome
Quote: " list of possible commands and syntax?"

Yes, the full syntax list is here on this forum near top...
Breaking up a map like this into parts and making each level would not be a good idea, as loading times are long with fpsc.
If your going over the 1.8 gig max limit with a map, have you tried removing your Cap Limit in the setup.ini?
Which version of fpsc are you using? V1.20 or BIM? Look in your setup.ini file and switch "systemmemorycapoff=1"
Set to one and you can go over limit

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Joined: 23rd Feb 2021
Posted: 3rd Mar 2021 06:41
Thank you so much
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Posted: 4th Mar 2021 06:10 Edited at: 4th Mar 2021 06:11
Quote: "switch "systemmemorycapoff=1" Set to one and you can go over limit"

note that it can also make the game a bit more unstable and will not run in 32 bit systems.
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