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AppGameKit Studio Chat / [SOLVED] using Mac Mini mid 2011 with AGK Studio

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Posted: 14th Mar 2021 10:24 Edited at: 14th Mar 2021 10:26
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Hello, again.

Since i just bought the AppGameKit studio mainly for my pc, but
allso wanted to use it for my Mac mini mid 2011, i wonder if this mac mini is cable of running / creating , compiling any
project with APK Studio ??.

Herr my Mac Mini spec:

Mac mini mid 2011
CPU: Intel Core i5, 2.3 ghz.
16gb ddr3 1333mhz ram
512gb non ssd 5200 rpm hdd.
Graphics card: Intel HD3000
OSX: High Sierra.
Xcode 10.2

Its the graphics card that concerns me, because
the Intel HD3000 is not even consideret a GPU,
Does the internal HD3000 graphics card support
Vulcan or just Opengl with AppGameKit Studio , can i build any games or app with this old
mac ??.
Actually i am beginner in Swift, xcode , AppGameKit studio, but not programming in general!.

Allso Appstore doesent support xcode 10 or High Sierra anymore for building apps , using Swift 5/6.

I think i am out of luck with this mac.
I was considering upgrading the internal HDD with a Samsung 1TB EVO SSD.
Well, i can allways use this mac for composing music!.

Considering saving money for the new Mac mini M1, 16gb ram.

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Posted: 18th Mar 2021 12:10
I too have an old Mac Mini which I purely use for building my apps for iOS. I've just had to lookup which model mine is as apparently there are 15 different ones which all have the model number A1347 (thanks Apple!). Mine says it is a mid-2011 one with 2.5 GHz Core i5 so I suspect it is the same age and model as yours.

I've just built and published my newest AppGameKit Studio game (written in tier 1) to the App Store and it was accepted successfully. To be honest, I was expecting it to either not upload any more due to it not being able to update the OS and required apps, or be rejected due to certain things being out-of-date but to my surprise it worked perfectly.

So, in short, you should be able to build and publish AppGameKit Studio games using your old Mac Mini, at least for now. I don't expect that to continue for very long though.
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Posted: 18th Mar 2021 20:20
Thank you Zappo.

I’m not shure about ,but i was reading this on a website, quotes “You can no longer develop iOS apps for apple store with xcode 10 / High Sierra (as of April 2020) ... You can still build application on older macOS / xcode versions, but you won't be able to submit them to apple store.”.

This only apply for developing with xcode.

The problems is, doing programming and using the xcode
simulator is slow as hell with this mac.
Atleast it’s good the hear i can use the mac with App Game Kit Studio.

I will give it a try with AppGameKit Studio.

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