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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Orlanime - Much more than games

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Joined: 8th Aug 2014
Posted: 15th Mar 2021 11:48
Hello friends:
Currently almost everything that I program I do with AppGameKit Studio, not just games since its language is very comfortable for me to handle and being able to use the program on several platforms with the same code is very useful for me.
Hopefully it will keep updating for a long time and that many people will use it to dedicate time and resources to improve it.
With the idea of giving an example of a program that is not a game, I show you Orlanime, our interactive Orlas system, fully programmed with this wonderful system.
Is currently available for iPhone, Android and PC
But the download is only enabled for Spain because it is our work area.
All the best
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Posted: 16th Mar 2021 12:37
looks good, Furord.

i see: "We move to your university, high school, school ... to take pictures and record animations"

is this like a annual/yearbook? if so, i like the idea. when i was in school, we used to write "something to remember us by" in whatever blank space we could find and this would bring that to the present otherwise, not sure what an Orla is.

meanwhile, i've added the app name to the thread title. consider adding this to the Showcase as a nice example of something other than a game made in AppGameKit?

thanks for sharing

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Joined: 8th Aug 2014
Posted: 30th Mar 2021 11:08
Hello Virtual Nomad, in Spain a "Orla" is a kind of diploma in which there is a small photo of each person in the school, it is valid for schools, universities etc ... it could also be considered as a yearbook / yearbook leaving a greeting like memory. Thanks for putting the name in the title. I have not put it in (Showcase) because the download of the application is restricted to Spain only since it is the area in which we work, but I wanted people to know that with AppGameKit you can do everything, I also have a Revealed kiosk and many more programs, games I only have a couple and very small xD.

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