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AppGameKit Studio Chat / [SOLVED] Why does my program require internet connection?

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Joined: 2nd Mar 2017
Posted: 21st Mar 2021 06:06
I wrote a simple program showing rotating cubes and nothing more, but after compiling and moving the exe file to another drive, it says "not connected" and refuses to do anything else. Does it need other files? What is internet connection for?

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James H
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Posted: 21st Mar 2021 06:59
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Needs exe with media folder and inside the media folder it needs the bytcode.byc.

The network connection isn't needed, the exe's are apparently the same as players used for broadcasting. The broadcasting feature is useful for testing machines/devices that are connected and faster than compiling. when using the broadcasting feature you need to go to the build options in the editor of AppGameKit and ensure the IP option for broadcasting has the same IP as what the player shows when you run the player on the target device - in the event that the player is run but no broadcast recieved the message about the connection remains on screen, once the broadcast finished the message returns once more. So in your case the player does not see the file bytcode.byc - what you are looking at by the "sounds" of things is the splash screen for the player. Tbh only came across this info myself quite recently. I had used the player with broadcasting and was not aware of the exe's being players. I saw the players for windows but thought it would be for broadcasting feature. Was not until someone was referring to the exe's as players in a thread I was active in, did I bother to ask the question someone confused lol. Not once did it occur to me that things where done in this manner!
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