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Android / Is it Good or Bad, Should I Continue on My Way ? My first game on Google Play Store

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Joined: 23rd Mar 2021
Posted: 23rd Mar 2021 13:35
CrillGame (Shape Race) : is the game about you must avoid the dangerous object to collect the coins and other items as much as you can to Upgrade your Appearance.
I have done my first game and It’s took me 2 Weeks to finish and I had just publish it only on Google Play.I am ecstatic about making this game and I have learn so many thing. There's a mechanism I'm very proud of is the World Generation System include objects and items and enviroments, but is it good or bad ?
Here is link you can try out :
Hope you guys play then give me some suggestion to improve my game and I will be very pleased if you guys review my app on Google Play, It’s will help me alots.
Thanks for spend your time on my post. Have a nice day
James H
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Joined: 21st Apr 2007
Location: St Helens
Posted: 24th Mar 2021 01:56
Ok so I decided to see if this might be something I might install...sadly it isn't my "cup of tea", BUT I decided to watch the vid anyway and read whats on the stores page on the off chance I might see something I can relay back to you, and here it is...there appears to be use of a non english language in those screen you have an english title and a description in english, but a different language throughout the game(Vietnamese I think)? I cannot say everyone who visits TGC is english BUT I can say the majority write everything in english while using the forum so you might want to consider that there might not be many here who can speak/read the language in use throughout, if you have an english title I would suggest you should have english throughout at the least.

Your description reads
"Racing Game You Can Play Every Time For Kill Time
Collect Coin And Buy Some Stuff From The Shop To Make Your Game More Interested"
You don't need to capitalise every 1st letter of each word and if you insist on using english then it might be better to write:
"Racing game you can play to kill time, collect coins and buy some items from the shop to make your game more Interesting"

It is not clear what you mean by "collect coins for the shop" appear to have in game purchases but you are also collecting coins throughout as what appears to be the main objective? Confusing. Requires further clarity.

Also when someone reads "racing game" they expect a racing game, I mean there is a lot of jumping and aided flight, and nothing to race against except yourself(ie time) based on the video. This is more like a platformer runner game I think, I am no expert especially when it comes to using industry terms, others here will be though. I am sure they will chime in at some point. I tend not to play games like this and so I am not the best person to guide you further.

"This app is not available for any of your devices" This isn't what i was expecting to see...I have 3 android devices, 1 doesn't have the right OS but the other 2 are android oreo 8.1, one with a gig of ram the other with 2 gigs and both released in 2018 - samsung galaxy J4+ phone and Alcatel 3t 8 tablet. Based on what I see in the video both my devices should be able to run this easily and have plenty of resources to spare. This i would make priority, if only a few devices can install it then you have serious problems.

Finally I actually couldn't find your game on google play using my device, but a search did bring up a number of very similar titles with 5 exact matches belonging to others and this was not all most likely - I only scrolled down 3 times to find these 5 before results didn't even include either race or shape and your's didn't show - maybe it is an option for development ie you have it set up for testing so not publicly available yet? You need a new title regardless plus there are many variations that sound similar ie ShapeRace, Shape Races, Shapes Race,. Shape Race Game etc etc, you would want your title to stand out right?

Hope you find this helpful
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Joined: 9th Feb 2004
Location: Montreal, Canada.
Posted: 24th Mar 2021 10:36
First, congratulation on finishing your first project. A lot of people give up before that

As for your game. It's not bad. But it is unfortunately not good either. It is very generic. There are tons of similar games already available and yours doesn't seem to bring anything new to the table. Your assets look like the standard flash-type cartoony low-effort assets found in most apps, the music sounds like it was acquired from some generic library and has very little personality. The gameplay seems to be doing the absolute minimum to function as a game with movement being stiff and just functional. I think trying to push ingame purchases on such a generic game is a bad idea. You should focus on making a good game before making one that returns a profit. The title means your app will get lost in the sea of similar apps on the store.

Overall it's good for you as a learning opportunity. You've completed a project and that's no small feat. But I think publishing your first few projects is never a good idea. Wait until you get better at what you are doing so that you can infuse some personality into your games.
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James H
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Joined: 21st Apr 2007
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Posted: 24th Mar 2021 20:23 Edited at: 24th Mar 2021 20:28
Quote: "First, congratulation on finishing your first project. A lot of people give up before that"

Um basically I typed up my post and was about to add similar wording but decided to hold off for a response, I had already made the effort at this point so posted anyway - and here is the reason why...the fact that this should easily run on either of the devices I mentioned, at the back of my head "alarm" bells where sounding, so why am I making this post now I hear you ask? Well while reading your post noobstar i noticed something I should have noticed much sooner which when you add the fact this won't run on my devices because playstore says its not supported, for me things start to "red flag" even more - users join date against the fact it took a fortnight to make, not wishing to sound negative right now but I have to question what language was used for this creation?
Win 7 Pro 64 bit SP1, AMD A4-5300 APU 3.4GHz, 8GB DDR3, NVidia GeForce GTX 750 1GB GDDR5, ASUS A55BM-E
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Joined: 5th Mar 2021
Posted: 30th Apr 2021 13:49
Sure, Will definitely play the game from the play store.
AGK Tool Maker
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Joined: 9th Mar 2015
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Posted: 1st May 2021 18:50
I'll stay on the fence with my opinions but if you really did make that game in 2 weeks then I have to say well done, it looks pretty nice and you should keep on at it

But... gameplay is not upto par with other games like this, its not exciting

Ad's and IAP ??? on a new game with a handful of downloads .... Bad, look like it was assembled from a kit and provokes comments like you already had (oh ok, I agree with James )

But like I said, not a bad attempt at both a game and a cash grab. its just to early for the cash grab, add this when/if the game gets popular.

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