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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / jGfx CubeTex issue

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Posted: 31st Mar 2021 11:31 Edited at: 31st Mar 2021 11:33
Found some issues with jGfx Effects Plugin cubemap functions.Due to that original forum thread is locked i've decided to make an additional one.
1)I cannot save CubeMap with "CubeTex_Save" function.I tried original and DBProEx compilers both.Mostly nothing is happened, but few times
files without extensions were created (and with random short names).I rename them to ".dds" and eyes, they were cubemaps. Anyway I can't say when save function will work and when not.
In 99% it doesnt't work.
2)Mipmapping works, but not correct.On the attached image you can see edges on high mipmap levels.

So you can't use it with PBR where it is necessary.
I've attached small demo (it is modified original demo from plugin) so you can check it yourself.


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