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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Rune Guy - dungeon crawler with interactive magic

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Joined: 4th Jun 2020
Posted: 17th Apr 2021 05:40

I recently created a game for the 2021 Dungeon Crawler Jam on along with a friend of mine. The story is very loose currently, with the emphasis being on learning the magic system. If you have played Arx Fatalis before, you may be familiar with Rune Guy's style of casting.

The game was written in 7 days in AppGameKit Classic. It has since been updated over the past week to fix some crippling bugs and add a tutorial. I would appreciate anyone who could give Rune Guy a try and provide some feedback so that it may become better! I would love to expand upon this project going forward.

You can catch the latest version of Rune Guy totally free on at

Thanks for reading the post! It feels good to have finally uploaded a game.
- Evan
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Posted: 30th Apr 2021 21:03 Edited at: 30th Apr 2021 21:04

just downloaded your game and gave it a try. I did play Arx Fatalis btw, still have it CIB

Some early feedback:
It should be possible to skip the tutorial
I played the tutorial, saved afterwards, started a new game again, loaded my save file, and the bat was missing, which was ok, but I couldn't finish the tutorial anymore due to the missing bat
Free mouse look is WAY too sensitive
Free mouse look shouldn't require a key. Bind it to a mouse button ( maybe MMB )

Gonna play a bit longer tonight for more feedback.
I'm really into dungeon crawlers


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Posted: 18th May 2021 05:06 Edited at: 18th May 2021 05:07
i like your rune-casting idea and mechanics, and the ambience was there but, 1 word:

the last dungeon crawler for me might have been the (original) bard's tale so thanks for luring me back in.

then, reading through some of the jam feedback & responses, there does appear to still be invisible objects blocking the way occasionally (that sounded like a pun ) .

meanwhile, consider autosave or checkpoints (or at least a compass). when wandering the halls, it's easy to get turned around. i expect that's a realism factor that might be intentional (or the fact that, since the bard's tale, i don't have graph paper on hand anymore.

otherwise, i don't think the tutorial mentioned picking up books = knowledge (if i'm correct?). i pretty much carried the silver horse around and didn't analyze anything else until i stumbled across the book. anything else to interact with similarly?

finally, great for a jam game, and, don't forget to add the Made with AppGameKit meta so Rune Guy shows in the (growing) queue.

thanks for sharing
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