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Raspberry Pi / Get the Raspberry startup silently (no screens or logs) into your Game Application directly (solution)

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Joined: 12th Sep 2016
Posted: 30th May 2021 12:35 Edited at: 1st Jun 2021 08:24
Just some sharing of research

I did some testing and i wanted to have the Pi startup into my application directly without interaction and as smooth as possible, so no logs or splash screen.

In this sample i will run the demo game

Make sure you have SSH enabled so you can access the console in case you have trouble accessing it by GUI !

// create the directory if it isn't there yet
> mkdir -p .config/lxsession/LXDE-pi

// echo the application to startup it into the file directly
> echo AGKPi/General/SplashScreen/SplashScreen > .config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

// or edit/create the autostart
> nano .config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart
contents of the file:

// to stop the autostart, easiest is just remove the file
> rm .config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

// silent boot
// first copy the original boot configuration
> cp /boot/cmdline.txt ~/cmdline.txt.bak

// edit the boot configuration (parameters quiet, loglevel, consoleblank, vt.global_cursor, logo.nologo
> sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt

sample of contents of the file:
console=serial0,115200 console=tty1 quiet loglevel=0 consoleblank=1 vt.global_cursor_default=0 logo.nologo root=PARTUUID=2012585d-02 rootfstype=ext4 elevator=deadline rootwait

//restore the original boot configuration
// sudo cp ~/cmdline.txt.bak /boot/cmdline.txt

If you have any suggestions, please feel free!

edit: added SSH tip
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Posted: 30th May 2021 23:42
Thanks for sharing!
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Posted: 5th Jul 2021 01:21 Edited at: 5th Jul 2021 01:24
Well done!
Your method is even simpler than mine. I've created an own xsession with just the agk window in it, while you have still a portion the desktop interfaces. There is actually a good use for an agk interface app and a terminal.

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