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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / GhostVibe - seismograph app for Android & iOS

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Posted: 15th Jun 2021 18:08
My new app GhostVibe is now available on Google Play and Apple's App Store. It's a seismograph which detects vibration, movement, seismic activity etc. using the sensors built into your smart phone or tablet.

Features include:
4 different visualisations, including seismograph/seismometer, bulls-eye, vortex and meter.
Saves daily logs which you can view later (full version).
Export daily logs to other apps, e.g. your favourite spreadsheet application (full version).
Adjustable sensitivity.
No adverts or in-app-purchases. No internet connection needed. No unnecessary permissions required.

There is a FREE version available which shows live vibration data, and a full version for £3.99 UK (or your local equivalent) which includes daily logging, a log viewer and the ability to export logs in CSV format.

Download links and more information is available at

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Posted: 15th Jun 2021 20:25 Edited at: 15th Jun 2021 20:26
congrats! i expect we're a little spooked by the subject matter and afraid to comment on yet another of your well-polished apps

thanks for sharing, regardless.

nice work!
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