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3 Dimensional Chat / fragMOTION error: An error occured

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Joined: 17th Jun 2021
Posted: 17th Jun 2021 14:53
I need help on how to fix fragMOTION error. Everytime I open a file smd it always, the error always pop up saying "An error occured" I don't know how this happened! I was just using it in minutes before that happened. Please help me fix this error, it means a lot to me??
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Posted: 19th Jul 2021 09:55
Fragmotion has some issues with certain flavours of various formats e.g. fbx etc. So an error message of "An error occured" is due to FM not being able to load in that format. FM is hit and miss with some specific formats. try exporting your model in another format that FM is more likely to accept e.g. .X, .OBJ (static objects only)
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