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AppGameKit Studio Chat / AGK vSync bug on MacOS

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Joined: 21st Oct 2014
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Posted: 23rd Jun 2021 21:16
This bug has been driving me mad for over a year now and it's never been fixed even though I have reported it before.

SetVSync does not work correctly on MacOS ( currently Big Sur ) - Same hardware using Windows 10 and it works correctly.

With the below code toggling the SetVSync setting between 0 and 1 shows the following on a 144hz monitor :

Windows 144fps or 1000's of FPS ( correct )
MacOS 60pfs or 1000's of FPS ( incorrect ) - On different version of AppGameKit the refresh rate is variable from 60 to 110 which too is incorrect on a 144hz monitor.

NOTE : I do not use SetSyncRate() to force an FPS.
Virtual Nomad
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Posted: 23rd Jun 2021 22:51 Edited at: 23rd Jun 2021 22:53

i checked the git and the only similar issue i saw was one you'd reported in 2019 (that was still open).

it wasn't fully labelled or assigned to anyone and since i've recently been given access to add those, i did where it may be related to this?

regardless, i've sent a link to this thread to RickV to make sure he sees this outstanding issue.
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Posted: 24th Jun 2021 00:50
Thanks Virtual Nomad, hopefully it can be easily sorted for an upcoming release.
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Posted: 3rd Jul 2021 08:31 Edited at: 5th Jul 2021 10:29
Hey Qube I have a problem in renderer"Basic" mode as it's only giving me 45fps when I use setvsync(1) . works fine with vulkan also with setsyncrate(60,0) so I think this should be addressed and fixed . Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
It is a pain as I want to use it . Gonna copy and paste this on Github.

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