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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Demo of my conveyor belt system

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Joined: 27th Apr 2020
Posted: 21st Jul 2021 19:18
After toying with some conveyor belt concepts I decided to make a full blown conveyor class that lets a player create their own conveyor belts. These are a combination of invisible kinematic physics objects for the actual shuffling of the physics bodies (rocks, boxes, etc) and a visible regular non physics object with animated UV textures to mimic the rotation of the belt. The belt texture UV speed is matched almost perfectly to the movement speed of the kinematic array, so the belt and rocks move at the same speed. Multiple textures can be used, including transparent ones, and also the "roller" component can have several texture variations.

The player can make a "short" (1000 world units) or "long" (2000 world units) belt, facing any direction (X or Z axis only) and position anywhere, set to any angle, and set any belt speed.

On screen instructions still to come, but right now the interface works like this:

1) Press a key to spawn the new conveyor belt (could be any input action).
2) Position on X and Z axis or change belt direction or change size from short to long.
3) Position on Y axis or change belt direction or change size from short to long.
4) Set angle of the conveyor belt
5) Conveyor belt is constructed.

Mode 2 and 3 can be switched back and forth with right mouse click indefinitely until happy with the position. Left click moves to mode 4, and another left click finishes the construction and the new belt is spawned. Escape key to cancel construction in any mode.

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Joined: 4th Oct 2004
Location: [Germany]
Posted: 21st Jul 2021 20:13
Aww sweet
I enjoy just looking at it ^^

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Joined: 6th Feb 2015
Location: US
Rick Nasher
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Joined: 25th Jul 2017
Location: Amsterdam
Posted: 18th Aug 2021 18:39
Very nicely done.

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