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AppGameKit Studio Chat / AGK Studio Window Resizing Issue

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Posted: 17th Aug 2021 18:34 Edited at: 17th Aug 2021 18:44
I spent about an hour figuring out why my window would not "Maximize" Or Resize. The issue is with the 2d "Scene" Manager. The script automatically defaults to the screen size of the scene vs. the ones set by the user.

The AppGameKit Scene editor automatically generates this code (the menu_battlemap example is the scene's name, so this will be different for you. The SETUP() part is the same..)

All you have to do is make sure for each scene you change the variable "change_window " that loads the scene to "0" on the screen resolution IN EACH SCENE used. Then, remember to turn the Editor from "Read Only" so you can save the file.

I hope this helps someone else. Thanks!

Additional Note: You will have to REEDIT Each scene after making a change (the editor rewrites the variable flag after each modification with the original value).. Unless the developers have another solution available.
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Posted: 18th Aug 2021 03:45
I've been playing with the Scene Editor lately and can really use this. Thanks for posting this!
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Posted: 19th Aug 2021 23:57
I usually write SetWindowSize(-1,-1,1) right after you call the setup to the scene.. You will see the transition from a small window to fullscreen which I haven't figured out yet but on android you won't be able to see the transition.. only windows in my experience

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