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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Connecting tiles example

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Posted: 25th Aug 2021 23:44
I had no clue what to call this. This could be used as the basis for terrain generation in tilemap games. Given a grid where a tile is either on/off, it'll determine which image to use to form a consistent path or edge. Think of a map editor where you place grass tiles and it automatically calculates the edges. Because I did not want to create a million images, this example only looks at adjacent tiles and not diagonals. This gives 16 possible combinations.

I use an animated sprite and change its frame based on the surrounding tiles whether occupied or not. The tile has an initial value of 0 and increments by the amount shown below of the surrounding tiles if occupied.

I've attached two tilesets I made; some purple blobs and a pipe set. Just click around the screen and the pipes will connect themselves.

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Posted: 26th Aug 2021 03:56
Awesome. I immediatly thought of pacman
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Posted: 26th Aug 2021 12:45
Yeah, that's neat, I immediately thought shame we don't have "Liquid Fun" ... I could have some fun with that, liquid and pipes, insta-game.
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