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Windows / The TEMP Files Not Deleted!

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Posted: 26th Aug 2021 13:58 Edited at: 27th Aug 2021 08:22
Hello Friends,

An issue has occurred in Windows 10. The TEMP files are not deleted. I have tried the 1st method from this post by manually. But some unnecessary files are not deleted permanently. I have no idea how to delete all files together. Any suggestions guys, how to fix it. Kindly help.
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Posted: 26th Aug 2021 20:53
As far as I am aware AppGameKit does not create any temp files, it creates a directory in your AppData folder but this is the apps default write folder and should remain in place for any save data.

Care to elaborate?
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Posted: 15th Oct 2021 03:56
"As far as I am aware AppGameKit does not create any temp files"

When creating an APK, it creates the zip and sig files first before combining into the APK.
Haven't used AppGameKit in a while. Is it not cleaning them up again?

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